EzSnap allows shoppers to shop with ease and enables retailers to better manage their online and offline businesses, all within a single platform.

Consumer's Benefits

No more carrying shopping items from place to place

With EzSnap, shopping is as easy as snap and go! You no longer need to carry your shopping items from place to place. Instead, let us deliver them straight to your home.

Limited Luggage Space

Tourists no longer need to worry about their luggage space while doing their shopping. Let us worry on your behalf.

Delay your decision making

Snap, compare and purchase later. With EzSnap, you can simply snap the items you are interested in and proceed to other shops. At the end of the day, simply choose the best items and checkout.

Retailer's Benefits

Additional Revenue

With EzSnap, you have the benefit of bridging online and offline sales and having a wider client base.

Built-in Inventory and Analytics System

EzSnap is not just another shopping platform. It comes with a complete Inventory system and Business Analytics modules to help you better manage your business.

Advertising opportunities

Advertise with EzSnap to gain more exposure over your competitors.